Corporate Massage

massage at work

Corporate massage is increasingly becoming an important part of most corporate health and wellness programs, not only because seated massage is one of the best ways to enhance relaxation among employees in the workplace, but also because it is a simple and effective way to improve the work environment. 

Investing in workplace massage has many benefits for both employers and employees, these include, but are not limited to: 

  • Prevention of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) as tension and pain in muscle can be relieved through massage. 
  • Increased productivity by assisting with reduction of absenteeism related to musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Increased level of job satisfaction. Massage eases stress and anxiety levels, helping employees feel rewarded and relaxed. 
  • Keep employees feeling focused and sharp, as massage helps to maintain alertness and mental clarity.

Corporate massage usually is performed utilising a specialized massage chair, no oils are used, and the person remains fully clothed. The average duration of each massage treatment is between 10-15 mins. Private Health Fund rebates may also be applicable for staff with private health cover. 

We also have discounted prices for regular massage services as well as various payment options. Please visit our contact page to send us an enquiry. We would be more than happy to discuss how we may help your business or provide you with a quote.

Roving massage:

Quick, easy and effective way of providing massage to employees when space and time is limited.

  • No specialist equipment is required. 
  • No need to move from the desk. Our therapist provides the treatment at the employee’s desk.
  • Each massage is between 5-10 minutes and is generally limited to neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • No oils are used and the employee remains fully clothed.

chair massage at work

Chair massage:

The most popular service Revitalised Touch provides to corporate workplaces, corporate functions, trade-shows and out-door events.

  • A professional ergonomic massage chair is provided.
  • Minimal space is required. The ‘treatment room’ can be set up in a quiet room or office, and almost anywhere for events or functions provided a minimum space of 2m x 1.8m is available.
  • Flexible treatment lengths are prearranged with the employer. 10 through 30 minutes are our most popular.
  • No oils are used and the employee remains fully clothed.