Aged Care Massage

Revitalised Touch Aged care Massage

The enriching experience of a nurturing and caring touch is priceless, especially for those seniors who may be feeling lonely or unwell.  For these reasons, some aged care facilities are now utilising massage and aromatherapy to complement the care provided to their residents.

The benefits that aged care massage can bring by assisting in relieving pain, encouraging relaxation, and improving the wellbeing of senior citizens is widely recognised.

Studies by the Touch Research Institute have shown that massage can have many benefits in elderly people such as:

  • Improved circulation.

  • Massage can assist in easing levels of stress, anxiety and depression, by promoting relaxation and quality of sleep. This can enhance an individual’s sense of wellbeing.

  • Pain management. Massage can alleviate muscle tension and pain, and promotes natural joint lubrication.

Aged care massage is tailored to the individual needs of elderly people. The therapists at Revitalised Touch use modified techniques and pressure to ensure that the massage is comfortable and effective.
This specialised service can be provided on location with visits to nursing homes and aged care facilities. For best results, we recommend regular visits (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

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